Robert Plaut
Site Administrator

Robert Plaut has turned from a site with 10 tips and a few links into a valuable resource for the Billiard community. He has been with the site from the beginning and has been the team leader through all of the site's enhancments.

Robert has been playing pocket billiards since he was 13, and has picked up many tips from hours and hours of practice. He has shared many of them with this site and continues to add more and more content weekly.

 Stacey Mahonian
Leads Brain Storming Sessions

Stacey has been playing 9-ball for 4 years and has written many short stories related to pool. She is a mother of 2 boys. She has helped the site grow in numerous ways, especially during brain storming sessions during the staffs normal weekly gatherings.

Thanks for all your help Stacey!

 Douglas Kindman
Maintains Links Section

If there is a web site out there related to billiards, Doug has been there. He has been building a links search engine over the first 6 months of 2002. He will also be the project lead for our 'Best Billiards Site' section, where the best sites will be receiving recognition and awards.

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