Stacey Mahonian
When I started playing pool; lesson 1
by Stacey Mahonian

When I started playing pool I had no idea that it would take over my Tuesday nights. And now that I've started writing articles for Tableskills I've devoted a second night. In this article I'll discuss with you the first lesson that I got on the first night I played in an actual pool hall. My husband took me so we could have some time away from the kids. He had some experience playing, but it had been a very long time since he had picked up a cue. It should be no surprise that we both had to use House Cues that night; but now we are proud owners of Sneaky Petes.

While we were minding our own business over at table 11, the house pro decided to pay us a visit. I think his main intension was to pick up some new students, but we got a free lesson that night.

My husband was trying to use a professional looking finger over the cue grip, while I was bearly pulling off the open hand bridge. The problem with Bill's grip, (Bill is my husband), was that his finger didn't actually wrap around the cue but kind of pointed out into the air somewhere. Phil, the house pro, tried to show Bill why it was important to fully grip the cue with his index finger. He showed us the advantage of having a solid bridge. My husband's complaint was that if he put his finger around the cue, it would then be too tight and there would be too much friction between his fingers and the cue, not allowing him to have a straight shot.

After Phil thought about it for a little while, he gave us our solution. A little talcum power on the bridge hand solved Bill's problem. Ever since then, a perfect bridge every time.