Ken Tewksbury
  Master Level BCA Instructor; Concord, NH
  » Dealing with missed shots
  » Billiard tips
  » 50 tips for playing pool
  » The ultimate American Martial Art: Pocket Billiards

     The Monk
  Instructor / Author
  » Learning Tools: The Lesson
  » Learning Tools: Your Pool Values
  » Learning Tools: Special Lesson
  » Learning Tools: 101 Laws

     Stacey Mahonian
  34 years old, plays out of NYC.
  » When I started playing pool
  » How to prepare for the shot mentally -- soon

     Shankar Bellows --coming soon--
  Came from India as a child, plays for fun in Ohio.
  » Study your opponent
  » Create your opponent

        More Knowledge

» gmat test prep
» a+ certification