Defensive Strategy
» Practice Drill 1:
9-ball Hide Behind; 1

Learning safe plays are key to winning more matches since you won't be able to run out all the time. In most safe plays you will find yourself hiding the cue-ball behind another ball, this is one example that requires a little bit of practice to get the speed control needed.

» Practice Drill 2:
Don't Pocket That Ball (8-ball)

It may not always be the best idea to pocket a ball in 8-ball. Especially when it is the only thing preventing your opponent from running out.

» Practice Drill 3:
Learn To Brush (Straight/14.1)

Playing safe in straight pool is a necessity. Play a bad safe and you'll find yourself 15-20 points further away from your opponent. Play a great safe and your opponent will give you the opportunity to add points to your score or even run the rack out.

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