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 Discussion Topic - From: September 21
Do you stick to one pool hall or do you like to play at a lot of different pool halls?
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 Recent Pocket Billiard News
Cuetec Cues Midwest Classic - Summer'03
Unstoppable! That's all there is to say about Allison Fisher's performance at the Midwest Classic. If anyone deserved the $9,000 first place payout it was definitely Allison. Second place was Karen Corr who Allison beat twice during the tournament. Corr will walk away with $6,500 and a little further away from the number 1 ranking in the world.
Mid-Atlantic 9-Ball Championships
His nick name is "Bata" and his game is unstoppable. Efren Reyes showed his stuff to Virginia, and everyone was impressed. To win Reyes took on Tony Robles (11-7), Jose Parica (11-5), and Francisco Bustamante (11-6). "I am very lucky" was how Reyes described the final match after beating the Korean Young Jeong.
Derby City Classic 2003
The second week of the new year ended very well for Shannon Daulton. He took first place prize in 9-ball at the Derby City Classic to start off the new year on the right track Sunday, January 12th. Second place went to Max Eberle who had a great tournament, and looks very strong starting off the year. First place finishes for Jose Parica and Danny Harriman were awarded in One-Pocket and 9-ball Bank Pool. The tournament took place in Louisville, Kentucky.
WPBA National 9-ball Championships
Since May of 2002 Karen Corr hadn't come in first place for any major tournament. The $11,000 she was given for first place during this tournament should make her feel happy again. The competition was heated, taking place in Miami, Fla. from Dec 5-8.

Also walking home with a nice paycheck was second place finisher Allison fisher ($8,000), and third and forth place went to Monica Webb ($6,000) and Loree Jon Jones ($4,800).

LG Flatron Billiard Challenge 2
The final matchup was between Mika Immonen and Efren Reyes. The tournament took place on Efren's turf to a sell out crowd, all routing for Efren to kick ass. But on this day at the Casino Filipino it was Mika who took home the prize.

Mika won 11-6 and took home $15,000 for his victory. A great victory in the Philippines.

Intl. Tournament of Champions
It came down to an exciting sudden-death (tie breaker) match against Allison Fisher and Karen Corr. The winner got to take home $25,000. And the winner was... Allison Fisher! The event took place during the first week of November at the Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut.

Third and forth place were taken by Helena Thornfeldt and Jeanette Lee. All four players had a great tournament. Congratulations to Allison.

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