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World Pool League Champion
It was down to Efren and Strickland, and Efren 'The Magician' Reyes came in on top with a 9-4 victory! In the beginning it looked like it would be a tight match, but that feeling quickly faded when Reyes took a 5-1 lead. That is when Earl started to make his comeback. Sadly for Earl Strickland, whatever he had, just wasn't enough. Getting a little unlucky on a few safes left Reyes with some run-outs. Congratulations to both players for playing great tournaments. Reyes gets $15,000 for first, and Strickland a nice $10,000 check for second. Watching these two play is always a treat, and recently they have both been at the top of their games. They will definetly meet again in a final match before the year is up.
World Pool Masters 2002 Results
The final match took place between Efren Reyes and Ralf Souquet. Souquet was very comfortable being in the finals, he has been having so much practice making it to final matches all year long. The 33 year old Souquet took home a check for $15,000! The match wasn't even close with Reyes getting unlucky throughout the games. Reyes still played an excellent tournament, and will take home the second place prize of $7,000.
Pool Hall Junkies Movie
Learn more about the Pool Hall Junkies movie coming out early next year. There was just an interview done at azBilliards. According to the interview, the movie is expected to be released at the end of February. It has been screening in private for about 8 months now and has been getting some really good reviews. The film is based on pool player Robert LeBlanc.

Click here to go to the interview.

2002 WPBA Fall Classic
New York played host to the WPBA Fall Classic from Oct 3-6. The action took place at Amsterdam Billiards on the East Side of Manhattan. The place was crowded all weekend long, and for good reason. The best women players in the world showed up to make this tournament very special. Allison Fisher took home first place beating Karen Corr with a 7::1 victory in the finals. Allison had to fight through a tough draw, but came out on top against Anita Kuczma, Julie Kelly, Vivian Villarreal, and Helena Thornfeldt.

Karen Corr also played a great tournament, but will have to settle for the second place prize. Corr also had a tough draw, but came up on top against Nikki Hollingworth, Jennifer Chen, Helena Thornfeldt, Belinda Campos, and Monica Webb. Personally I'd be lucky to win one game in a match against any of those players. This was an incredibly strong showing from the WPBA players!

US Open 9ball Championships
Look out, it is all Souquet. Fresh off his win at the IBC US Championships he has claimed first prize at the US Open 9ball Championships. His opponent, the great Alex Pagulayan shot a great match but had to settle for second place this year. Ralf went crazy with happiness when it was all over. His game looked as solid as could possibly be. The match was tied at 10::10 at one point, and no one in the audience would have been able to guess the final outcome in the race to 13.

This was Souquet's third straight tournament win, never losing a match. For first place he will be taking home $30,000.

Asian 8ball Championships
Look out Singapore, here cometh the 'Magician.' That's right, Efren climbs to the top once again, this time for the Asian 8ball Championships 2002. In the finals Efren played a tight match against fellow countryman Antonio Lining. After being tied at 6-6, Reyes finished the next two racks and claimed his trophie.

For first place, $8,000. This was the first Asian 8ball Championships, and it took place Sept 10-15. They also have a really nice Website.

IBC U.S. Championships
The 33 year old German born professional pool player since 1991 took first place at the IBC U.S. Championships. Johnny Archer just had to settle for second place this time. Souquet definetly earned this one. The field was rich with talent. It took place in Nashville, Tenn. at J.O.B. Billiards between Sept. 13th-15th. Souquet crushed Jimmy Reid, 6-0 :: 6-1, and then Archer in the finals 6-1 :: 6-1.
WPBA US Open 2002
Congratulations to Helena! This is her first win this year on the WPBA tour, and it was well deserved. She had a tough draw, but battled through it like a true champion should. Just read this list of players she had to beat...
  • Nikki Hollingsworth
  • Belinda Campos
  • Julie Kelly
  • Karen Corr (#1 player in the world)
  • Allison Fisher (beat her twice)
    A nice purse of $11,000 was awarded to Helena and second place Allison Fisher walked away with $8,000.
  • Great Southern 9-ball Tour
    Great Southern 9Ball Tour has begun and the first stop was at Murphy's Brass Rail in Athens, GA. This tour is definetly becoming very popular with Johnny Archer, Strickland and tour director Shannon Daulton as competitors.

    To claim the top spot and the prize money of $1,300 was Earl Strickland. Archer came in second for $800. The first place winner also had a chance to take home another $500, with a challenge match against tour director Shannon Daulton. Earl took that chunk of change too.

    Challenge of Champions 2002
    The International Challenge of Champions was held on August 14th and 15th. The event took place at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut with 8 of the best players around. Attendance included: Efren Reyes, Mika Immonen, Hsiao-Lang Fang, Steve Knight, Johl Younger, Cory Deuel, Neils Feijen, and Satoshi Kawabata.

    Coming out of the event $50,000 richer was Efren Reyes, who beat Mika in the finals. Most matches were taped by ESPN.

    Shooters Bar & Grill
    Take a look to your right and you'll know who won this tournament. Efren Reyes, aka "the Magician" came in at #1 in the pro-packed tournament.

    The tournament took place over Labor Day weekend starting on August 31st. First place Reyes took home $3,000 after beating Evgeny Staley who had a great run to the finals. Other top finishers included Kim Davenport and Jose Parica. Rodolfo Luat and Ismael Paez also competed.

    Shooters Bar & Grill is located in Riverside California and is a very popular spot for players, and as always they ran a great tournament.

    Pool Hall Junkies Movie
    There is now a review online of Pool Hall Junkies at AintItCoolNews. Check it out. Also, there is a rumor going around that this film will be released to US theaters in mid-November. All the reviews and clips I've seen of this film look great.
    2002 World Pool Championship
    Cardiff was packed with professional players and fans in July, and for good reason. It was the place where this years World Pool Championships took place. A great thing about this tournament is that it is carried live on t.v. (not is US).

    Reaching the finals were Earl Strickland and Francisco Bustamante. As tight a match as you could hope for, this one was unpredictable until the end. Bustamante was ahead 15-13 before it turned in Strickland's favor.

    "The Pearl" managed to end the match with a 2 rack run.

    To check out articles and some great photos definetly go to the official site of The World Pool Championships.

    BCA Open 9-ball Championship
    It's a major title, and makes a major statement to all of Charlie Williams future opponents. On May 18, it was the 25 year-old Korean Dragon taking first place against 36 year-old New Yorker Tony Robles.

    The win has to be great publicity for the UPA, which is a priority project for Williams. The $15,000 purse for first is also a nice bonus.

    Note: UPA stands for United Poolplayers Association which is a US National league that was sanctioned by the BCA in 1995.

    BCA Open 9-ball Championship
    The whole thing took place in Las Vegas. May of 2002 will be a month that Tony Robles will always remember. Tony played Deuel in the semi-finals where he won 7-5. Next up was the finals for Tony, which will be aired on ESPN. I've already set my VCR a month in advance. There is no way I'm missing my NY teacher in a TV match.

    In case you are wondering who he faces in the finals, it's Charlie Williams! Do Not Miss This On TV!!!

    2002 WPBA Spring Classic
    Taking place from April 17-21, the Sprint Classic was home for some great pool. In her final match against Jeanette Lee. The final score was 7-4. In addition to Lee, Karen had to play against Helena Thornfeldt and Allison Fisher. Prize money for first and second place were $8,000 and $6,000 respectively. ESPN should be broadcasting the action sometime this summer.
    WPBA 2002 Cuetec Championship
    Starting the Classic Tour season off right, Allison Fisher took first place at the Cuetec Cues Players Championships held in King of Prussia, Pa. The final matchup was between her and Karen Corr and ended with Allison victorious at 7 games to 1.

    The win ended a losing streak that Allison was very happy to break. It also ended a winning streak for Karen. Winning 6 Classic Tour titles in a row was a great run for Karen Corr! I can't wait to watch their next matchup. It will surely be INTENSE.

    Congradulations to both, $10,000 to the winner and $7000 for runner up.

    2002 Derby City Classic
    January 12th 2002 it was Mika Immonen who stood proud. He became the 2002 9-ball champion at the Derby City Classic. It wasn't an easy journey, the DC Classic attracts the top pros from every where. Mika def. Buddy Hall in a close final match with a score of 7-6. In other DC Classic events, Cliff Joyner was first place in One Pocket. Larry Price played amazing 9-ball bank to take home the title.

    The DC Classic was held in Louisville Kentucky from Jan. 4-12.

    WPBA 2001 National Championships
    On December 9th 2001 the women were ready for battle. The top 4 ladies by the end of the day were Karen Corr, Jeanette Lee, Allison Fisher and Ewa Laurence. Four of the most recognized names in ladies 9-ball, gathered in Michigan for a test of skills. Walking away as the winner was Karen Corr, and taking second place was "The Black Widow."

    This win gave Karen her 6th WPBA Title of the year, solidly putting her in first place. She has definetly become the girl to beat, now solidly in first place.

    Visit the Karen Corr official Web site.

    Women's World 9-Ball Championship
    It was November 18th and the tension was high. The finals of the 2001, Women's World Championship in 9-ball were under way. In a very close match, Allison Fisher prevailed over Karen Corr 11-8. This year they were held in Japan, so I couldn't afford to be there in person.

    Note: Karen Corr was ranked as the #1 player in the world at the time.

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