Offensive Strategy
» Practice Drill 1:
9-ball Positioning

Having only two balls left on the table makes positioning for the 9 a lot easier. Especially when you need to have the cue-ball travel all around the table to get that positioning.

» Practice Drill 2:
Common 8-ball Position

Your down to the 8 and you've left yourself with a down the rail shot. It is a good thing you've been practicing this drill with a bridge. Left/right handed people should be practicing this drill on opposite sides of the table so that the bridge is necessary.

» Practice Drill 3:
Break 'em Up (Straight/14.1)

One of the key balls in a rack in straight pool is the one you leave on the table while your friend is racking. Make sure you get the angle you need to really break 'em up.

» Practice Drill 4:
Break Out of the Corner (9-ball)

I've always hated getting the object ball stuck in the corner pocket. But I knew it was very important to learn how to deal with it. Especially when I'm up to the 8 in a game of 9-ball.

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