Cue-Ball Advanced
Lesson 1 (left/right)
Lesson 2 (l/r draw)
Lesson 3 (l/r follow)

 Lesson 1: Side English
Off To The Side
Keeping your cue aimed at the center of the cue-ball was covered in the last section. Now it is time to start aiming a little to the left and right of center. Your cue stick should still be the same distance away from the cloth, but you are now aiming a cue-tip length away from center. This little adjustment will have an impact on your aiming and positioning.
In relation to bowling, putting spin on the ball will cause it to curve. Hitting the cue-ball with a soft to medium stroke on its left side, (9 o'clock), will cause the cue-ball to drift to the left. It will also effect the action that occurs after the cue-ball makes contact with a rail if the cue-ball has some left or right english added to it.
Note: I have just discussed the basics of using side english. After practicing drills to understand the fundamentals of using side you will be ready to dive into more advanced topics. But until then, move on to 'draw with english', and 'follow with english.'


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